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Fields of application of gold implantation

Pain-free joints thanks to gentle treatment method

In principle, gold implantation is suitable for everyone, because it is free of side effects, can be performed on an outpatient basis and does not require any costly rehabilitation measures. Gold therapy is suitable for the treatment of all degenerative, traumatic or inflammatory joint changes. In principle, all painful joints can be treated with implants: Finger joints, toe joints, foot/ankle joints, hip, shoulder, knee joints, back (cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine).

Gold therapy can also be used effectively in the treatment of migraines caused by changes in the cervical spine. Gold implantation increases the mobility of the treated joint, swellings decrease and the quality of life increases. Important: Cartilage wear cannot be reversed by gold therapy.

Gold implants in knee joints, gold therapy, pain therapy

Knee joints

The knee joint is the largest joint in the human body and connects the femur, kneecap and tibia. Cartilage, muscles, tendons and ligaments stabilise the joint, as it is exposed to a variety of stresses every day.

Whether standing, walking, sitting, jumping, cycling or climbing stairs, even driving a car - hardly any movement is possible without knee joints. Knee pain is therefore one of the most common joint complaints and is always accompanied by a severe restriction of mobility.

To escape the pain, sufferers move less and less, reducing the strengthening effect of the surrounding muscles - which in turn steadily increases the strain on the knee. Gold implantation can promote the desire to move and thus minimise the consequences of chronic knee pain in a gentle way.

Hip joints

The hip joint connects the thigh bone with the pelvis, i.e. the upper and lower body. It contributes significantly to our mobility and is supported by numerous muscles and tendons. The hip joint consists of a hip socket in which the femoral head moves like a ball.

Whenever we move our legs, e.g. turn or stretch, the hip joints come into play. They sometimes bear 2.5 times the body weight and are exposed to correspondingly high stress.

Pain in the hip affects the lives of those affected to such an extent that often the only option is replacement with an artificial hip joint - a major operation that requires a lot of time for rehabilitation. A gentle alternative is the use of gold implants, which takes much less time and is significantly less invasive.

Gold implants in hip joints, gold therapy, pain therapy
Gold implants in the back, spine, breast, lumbar, gold therapy, pain therapy

Back (cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine)

Just about everyone suffers from back pain in the course of their lives, often it is short-lived and is the result of incorrect movements or an unfavourable sleeping position. However, chronic painful changes can also occur in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions, which can lead to permanent back problems, migraines and other accompanying symptoms.

Healthy sleep is important for the regeneration of the body. With constant back pain, sufferers often can't find a sleeping position that doesn't hurt and they can't get into deep sleep because of the constant tossing and turning. This affects their whole health, concentration and performance.

Back pain is also a great burden for sufferers during the day - the pain often comes in waves or short, stabbing pains rob them of their breath. The gold implants act directly on the joint and ensure that movements can be carried out fluidly and the body can regain strength through a restful night.

Shoulder joints

The shoulder is the pivot of our upper body. Like the hip, it is a ball and socket joint - the most mobile of our entire body. Every movement we make with our arms is made possible by the shoulder joints.

We also move frequently during sleep, and side sleepers in particular complain of severe pain in the shoulder joints in the morning. So shoulder pain does not only affect people during the day with everyday movements, but can also lead to poor sleep.

With the help of gold therapy, pain in the shoulders is noticeably reduced or even disappears completely. As a result, movements become easier, relieving postures are avoided and the recovery phases during sleep become significantly longer.

Gold implants in shoulder joints, gold therapy, pain therapy
Gold implants in finger joints, gold therapy, pain therapy

Finger joints

Our finger joints are exposed to many stresses every day without us always noticing. Writing on the laptop, putting on and taking off clothes, carrying crates of drinks, leafing through the newspaper, combing hair, washing clothes, operating the smartphone - almost nothing works without our fingers.

Painful finger joints are therefore often a particular burden for those affected, as the pain is sharp and flares up with every small movement. The enormous strain on our fingers also means that they rarely get a moment's rest, so there is hardly any time to take a pain-free breath.

Gold implantation can be applied to even the smallest joints and brings significant improvement after a short time, up to complete freedom from pain. As a result, everyday tasks become much easier and the quality of life increases noticeably.

Toe joints

Similar to the small joints in our fingers, our toes are also exposed to great stress every day. They constantly have to compensate for our movements so that we don't lose our balance. Together with the ankle joints, they ensure a secure footing and that we literally stand with both feet in life.

Pain patients, for whom every step hurts, usually lose their desire to move because of the chronic pain - understandably so. When even short distances become a challenge and lying down and resting only bring short-term relief, it is difficult to fight the constant pain.

The result: diminishing mobility, withdrawal and little joy in life. Here, the implantation of gold pins can bring quick relief and a completely new attitude to life. The gold ensures a reduction in pain to the point of complete freedom from pain, and this after only a short time.

Foot/ankle joints

The ankle joint is made up of the upper and lower ankle joint and bears the entire body weight when walking and standing, which is why it is one of the most stressed joints in the human body. It connects the calf and shin bones to the bones of the foot and is stabilised by capsules and ligaments.

Pain in the ankle joint can be very intense due to the high stress and can limit the quality of life and the joy of movement enormously. If the foot is set up incorrectly due to a protective posture, misalignments of other joints such as the knee or hip can be the result.

Since this misalignment can lead to further joint problems, the painful processes in the ankle joint should be stopped as early as possible. The gold implantation ensures a decrease in pain, increases the ability to move and thus effectively prevents other joint complaints.

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