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Since 1996 over 9000 patients have been treated using Gold Implantation. Danish physician Dr. Kjerkegaard first introduced this method to humans and has published a scientific study, which you may find under "links" in a PDF format.  Similar methods have been applied successfully to dog, cats and horses by veterinarians since 1970s. The following information is based upon the study mentioned above and the clinical experience of over  9000 treated patients.



Which patients benefit the most from Gold Implantation?


  • Ideal for patients with urgent need for pain relief
  • Chronic pain condition, for example:
  • osteoarthritis of the neck, lumbar region, hip, knee, hand or ankle joint
  • Patients with cicatricial tissues resulting from disc prolapse operations or patients with disc prolapse who cannot be operated upon due to the location of the prolapse
  • Patients wishing to avoid the implantation of artificial joints


How successful are Gold Implantations?


About 80% of the patients experience complete pain relief or significant pain reduction.

In a few cases significant pain relief can be expected immediately after the treatment.

In most cases the patient will feel some minor tension following the treatment in the areas where the gold is embedded, local haematoma may also occur.

A few patients may feel a worsening of pain for a short period of time.

Most patients experience the relief of pain in the following weeks/months, some however do so 4-5 months after the treatment.

These observations were made by surveillance of the 9000 treated patients.

The patient is kindly asked to contact me 3 months after the treatment in order to evaluate the progress being made.





When making a booking, please provide the following details:

  • your name
  • your fixed line and mobile number
  • your birthday
  • specified pain problem
  • previous or current diseases
  • X-rays/scans over the last 3 years
  • current medication


For your well being it is critical for me to know if you are taking medication for bleeding disorder. In case of any aspirin-related medicine/salicylate, or marcumar, please take a 3 days break in advance of the surgery. You will also be asked if you tolerate local anaesthesia and plaster.


How does a Consultation work?


Please contact me directly: +49 203 98 43 00 22 for the interview.

By appointment, the examination and treatment takes about 90min. After discussing all symptoms with me, I will conduct a thorough examination. Based on this, I will make a final judgement if Gold Implantation is suitable for you.

However in principle I do not expect any significant obstacles.


How does a Gold Implantation proceed?


After local anesthesia small pieces of gold will be implanted directly into the painful areas. Some patients may feel a little dizzy after the treatment.This is usually caused by the local anaesthesia and hence you are not allowed to drive for a couple of hours.


Price for a Treatment of Gold Implantation


Pricing is determined by individual circumstances, especially the number of treated pain points. The payment is due directly after the treatment/examination. Euro-Card/Maestro is accepted.


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